In einer globalisierten Welt kommen sich verschiedene Kulturen immer näher und eine gegenseitige ambivalente Abhängigkeit entsteht. Aus der Sicht von vier Marokkanerinnen und Marokkanern thematisiert MERCI DE VOTRE VISITE die Wechselwirkung zwischen europäisch und orientalisch geprägten Erwartungen und Sehnsüchten.

Tells about a young and modern generation in Morocco, their ideas about love, it’s possibilities and limits in a country with closed borders. Three different approaches of what’s happening to love through an arbitrary system, how difficult it can get, to stand in between the love of your homeland and the Visa for a brighter future. Three Moroccan lives that tell of love and hope, but also dependencies and clashing longings on the rocky road to a better life.




Within the flourishing tourism in Marrakech and Mirleft, Samir, Mahjouba and Bahija foundlove.

But due to Morocco’sfirst hand limited economic possibilities, the summer flirt and perspectives to go abroad ends at the airport. In a marriage or visa for Europe, many young women and men in Morocco see the redeeming key to happiness. At the same time there lies a cultural and familial responsibility on them. Samir lives between religion and romance and faces the decision to leave his family for a life and love in Europe. Mahjouba fights for her past love in Germany and the rights of her illegitimate son in Morocco. Bahija has opted for an European romance, and against social norms, left her family and is now fighting for recognition in society. She lost her faith in romance and the belief in a paradisiacal Europe and speaks with a critical mind about her experiences, her hopes and the contemporary society.



  • Pitch Award des Hauses des Dokumentarfilms, 33. Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival München, 2018